Real Vampires

This is an episode of my life, lasting about 10 years, which I don't usually like to discuss in great detail. However, it also seems to be a period of my life which people exhibit the most morbid curiousity about.

With that in mind, I will give a brief overview of it. Sometime around age 14, I became a vampyr, of the type presented in detail on my web site. Over the next 10 years, I applied myself to discovering how and why this happened. I found the answer to how, but I will probably never know why. The description on my site of the procedure for removing the symbiont with the use of the device came from personal experience--this is how I became an "ex-vamp", and let me tell you, it hurt.

My fear at facing this was extreme. I had to write my friend a note, because I could not bring myself to speak the request out loud. The device itself was painless...the actual removal was a sudden, sharp pain. The real pain did not begin until after I got up, and went to bed. I was in a state of partial shock, trembling and dazed...the pain was a deep, dull ache spreading out from the center of my chest. I was able to sleep, I think, only because of the exhaustion of the shock to my system.

That pain lasted for a long time, accompanied by nerve spasms whenever there was energy movement around that area of my body. My sunlight sensitivity began to quickly fade after a matter of weeks, but the pain and nerve spasms remained for nearly 8 months, slowly fading. Today, I can charge that area with energy and experience no pain or nerve spasms from doing so.

For the most part, I am a completely different person from "Shadowalker". The memories of 10 years of being what I was remain with me, and will always color my life...but they are memories.

My research into the causes and details of real vampirism continues, as this is a subject which still has great interest for me, and you can find some of my research and conclusions on my real vampire website.

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