Psionics is the use of psychic abilities that utilize a type of psychic energy that appears to be related to nervous system activity. There are many people who do not define it as closely as that, and instead use the term to refer to any use of psychic abilities, with or without psychotronic devices or ritualistic tools, regardless of the type of energy used.

In fact, many people disagree with the seperation of various types of "psychic" energies, claiming that they are all the same thing and are interchangeable. This idea seems to be based on the notion that everything in the universe is actually all the same thing. When examined scientifically, this notion simply doesn't hold water. It may be true on a level lower than the sub-atomic, but above that it is unworkable.

Obviously there are different types of energies which have been identified scientifically. No one would mistake a microwave for a radio wave--they can both be used to transmit information, but one will cook you, while the other will not. Different types of energy behave in different ways.

It is no different with the "psychic" energy types. While none of them have yet been identified scientifically, they are not all the same energy. Some are produced by the body--others are produced by the earth, or other sources. They behave differently, the mind tends to need to deal with them differently, and they do not always mix well. Psi in particular does not mix well with other types of energy, in part due to the ways in which it is most effectively used. I remember recently seeing a student ask me why it was that he could never participate in group magickal rituals. Apparently what he was doing would clash so badly with what they were doing, that it would bring the whole effort to a standstill (resulting in his being expelled from the group). This is a perfect example of what I am saying, for the person in question is a born psion--he uses psi energy naturally.

Thus, the seperation of different types of energy. When they behave and respond so differently, they cannot be called "all the same thing". My mentor's work in this field has been enormously valuable. This, like the other things he has discovered, will prove enormously useful to the psi community, if they will only test it for themselves.


I manage two psi-related sites. The first, the Psion Guild, has an enormous potential to benefit both its members and the rest of the world. This organization can provide support and resources for psychics. There are many organizations out there which are geared toward education, or paranormal investigations, or any number of other related things. But I have yet to see any organization which even comes close to the scope and potential of this one.

Putting the Guild together is proving to be a lot of work--as it should be. Without the cooperation and work of the people involved in this endeavor, it could never happen. Every day we receive letters from persons interested in joining. We can only hope that there will be this same level of interest once we are ready to accept applications. The more people who join this organization, the more effective it will be.

The Psion Guild



This is a hobby, more than anything else. I've always been curious about and interested in spirit entities. When it occurred to me that no one had ever taken on the task of trying to scientifically classify these beings, I immediately decided to take it on myself. Amature or no, I'm having a lot of fun with it. I may rip it down and rebuild it several times along the way, but when I'm through--people should be able to use it to determine some basics about nearly any entity that they happen to encounter. So, what this site deals with are two topics--parazoology, the study of spirit entities and their behaviors--and parataxonomy, classifying those entities. I also have a substantial section on humans who work with various types of psychic energy, and what to look for to identify a worker of a given energy type--or a person who is astrally projecting.

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