My Professional Writings

Beginning Psionics: A Psionics Training Manual
An Energy-Workers' Guide to Real Vampirism

(Worldwalkers Universe)

Sorrows (Book One of The Rogue Saga)
Revelation - Short Story. Published in the anthology, Fresh Blood
Decision - Short Story

 You can find all of my published works at

Future Works:

Intermediate Psionics - in progress
Modern Ball Python Care - completed

(Worldwalkers Universe)
Shatter (Novel) Rogue Saga, Book 2 - completed
Only Time (Novella)
- completed
(Novel) Rogue Saga, Book 3 - completed
Desertion (Novelette) - completed
Family (Short Story)- completed
Never Too Late (Short Story)- completed
Secrets (Short Story)
- completed
Dark Times (Novel) Rogue Saga, Book 4 - in progress
Silver and Gold (Novella) - in progress
Devil's Bargain (Novella) - in progress
A New Kind (Short Story) - in progress
The Calling (Short Story) - in progress
By Hand and Paw (Young Adult Novel) Tales of Varg - in progress


Random Stuff
Word Cloud constructed for Sorrows:

Wordle: Sorrows