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The Sime~Gen Universe is the creation of Jacqueline Lichtenberg, and written in both in collaboration and singly by Jean Lorrah. The basic premise is that humanity has gone through a mutation, or evolution, that has resulted in a split as significant as the split between male and female. They have divided into energy producers and energy users--Gens who create selyn, and Simes who must take that selyn to live. Children do not become one or the other until their teen years, coinciding with the onset of puberty--nor do they know which they will be in advance.

The series begins the journey with the two larities split apart--Simes kill Gens to live, and Gens murder Simes to prevent themselves from being killed. They survive apart, Gens in societies where children are hunted down at changeover (when they become Sime), and Simes in societies where Gens are treated like cattle, and children are considered animals when they establish (become Gen).

Throughout the long series the societies are followed as they learn to live together and end the deaths, and finally make the long climb back to a high-technology and eventually spacefaring society.

The series consists seven published novels. It has taken on a new life online, and now there is far more to it than the 7 original novels. Fan Fiction short stories and even full-length novels have been written in the universe, expanding lovingly on the original premises. Many of these are of truly extraordinary quality--better quality than many published novels. This is testimony to how this series has touched its fans. And it isn't simply because of the interesting premise.

Now, these books are finally coming back into print. Meisha Merlin, a truly wonderful publishing company, is releasing them as compendiums, starting with the Unity Trilogy (House of Zeor, Ambrov Keon, and Zelerod's Doom). These books and stories deal with truly thought-provoking issues, situations that enrich understanding of our own lives and give hope for the future--and they do it in an entertaining fashion. That is truly a rarity, and something well worth preserving.

If my creation of this page brings in more people to enjoy this universe and expands the ranks of Sime~Gen fans, then we may see more and more of this kind of extraordinarily high-quality fiction--and that will be well worth the effort, and then some.

So, I encourage those of you unfamiliar with the books to give them a read. House of Zeor was available online for free reading, but as it is being republished, you may now read only the first few chapters. If you like it, scour your local used book stores, and you have a good chance of finding more. And there are the online stories as well.

Better yet, get ahold of the Unity Trilogy from, it's available for pre-order right now. Just go to and follow the links. Linking in from the simegen website provides a kickback for the site.

If you like stories about psychics, vampires, or alien cultures, chances are you will like these. Even if you don't like those types of stories, give it a try--you may be pleasantly surprised.



You know you're a Psi Sime~Gen Fan When.....

1)You swear in Simelan--and really, really mean it.

2)You "genslam" someone when they cut you off in traffic.

3)You begin using the word "zlin" instead of "scan"...and actually forget the original term occasionally....

4)You create construct tentacles on your arms, and try to pick things up with them....

5)....and succeed.

6)You begin to wonder if all of your allergies mean that you are a Farris.

7)You have trouble with energy manipulation for weeks after taking a hard blow to the side of your forearm.

If you like these, and think of any more I can add to the list, just drop me a note, and let me know. :)


Terms From Sime~Gen Useful In Psionics

Nah, I'm not suggesting people should USE these, but there are a lot of Simelan terms that translate over to psi rather well.

Nager: Aura, basically. Perfectly acceptable alternative term for an individual energy field.

Ambient: The background energy of an area, implying all the patterns and frequencies present in it, individual nagers, and overall "feel".

Zlin: Scan, basically--use psi senses to detect energy fields and patterns.

Intil/Need: Slight stretch, but reasonably familiar feeling for any persons of the vampiric variety.

A listing of the published Sime~Gen novels, in chronological (rather than publishing date) order

First Channel
Channel's Destiny
The Farris Channel
Ambrov Keon
House of Zeor
Zelerod's Doom
To Kiss Or To Kill
Unto Zeor, Forever
Mahogany Trinrose
Personal Recognizance

The Story Untold and Other Sime~Gen Stories (Anthology)

Find more Sime~Gen Fandom Info, canon (following the original rules of the Universe as set out by J.Lichtenberg) FanFic short stories and novels, art, and more at Sime~Gen, Inc.

Great news! All of the Sime/Gen novels, will be republished by Meisha-Merlin in hardcover and trade paperback compendiums starting this year! As well, new novels will be published! Releases so far:

The Unity Trilogy (includes Ambrov Keon, House of Zeor, and Zelerod's Doom. Has maps).
To Kiss Or To Kill (Zhag and Tonyio)